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July 20, 2024 8:59 pm

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Audio Recording Reveals Kemp is Open To Banning Certain Contraceptives

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On Tuesday, September 15, an audio recording of Governor Brian Kemp surfaced on Twitter revealing his opinion on a birth control ban in Georgia. 

In the recording, Kemp was asked if he, as the governor, had the power to ban Plan B, an emergency contraceptive often known as the morning-after pill. Kemp is heard saying that if lawmakers supported the idea, there were possibilities for states, including Georgia, to regulate Plan B use. 

Many pro-choice canidates and organizations took Kemp’s comments as a direct threat to the health and well-being of Georgia women and families. In a statement at a press conference related to Kemp’s comments, State Senator Elena Parent said, “Georgia women are sitting here, holding our collective breath, waiting to see what new way our governor will restrict our bodily autonomy if given the chance.”

When asked about Kemp’s stance on Plan B and other contraceptives, his campaign spokesperson said, “The Governor has never opposed access to contraception.” Kemp has yet to say whether he would veto legislation that banned Plan B or other contraceptives.