Macon, GA
6:29 am8:33 pm EDT
May 24, 2024 9:10 pm

Local News

Macon-Bibb Celebrates 700 Steps Toward Safer Neighborhoods

Credit: Macon-Bibb Country Gov. Website

In a landmark achievement for urban renewal, Macon-Bibb County recently celebrated the demolition of its 700th blighted structure, a significant milestone in its ongoing #BlightFight initiative. The event, held at 1160 Holt Avenue, underscored the community’s commitment to removing unsafe and unsightly buildings from its neighborhoods, particularly around educational and recreational centers. Both Mayor Lester Miller and Mayor Pro Tem Seth Clark addressed the gathered crowd, highlighting the initiative’s focus on enhancing safety and aesthetics in areas frequented by children and families. Mayor Miller reiterated the community’s fatigue with the blight-associated crime, neglect, and decay, emphasizing the importance of these demolitions in revitalizing forgotten neighborhoods.

The demolition event was not just about tearing down decrepit structures but also celebrated the broader implications of these efforts on community safety and development. Mayor Pro Tem Clark pointed out the proximity of this demolition to Central High and Miller Middle schools, marking it as the 22nd such action enhancing the routes children travel daily. The initiative’s progress has been complemented by substantial financial commitments, including a significant investment in affordable housing development and a revolving loan fund aimed at further neighborhood revitalization. This dual approach of demolition and investment highlights a robust strategy aimed at not only removing blight but ensuring sustainable development and improved quality of life for the residents of Macon-Bibb County.