Macon, GA
6:27 am8:36 pm EDT
May 29, 2024 12:26 pm

Bill to create Ocmulgee Mounds National Park near Macon gets broad backing from Georgia delegation

by Ross Williams, Georgia RecorderMay 3, 2024 If you could travel back in time to visit the Macon Plateau of more than a thousand years ago, you’d see a community made up of ancestors of the Muscogee people living, meeting, growing food and burying their dead in earthen mounds, some of which are still around …

Bill to regulate hemp products in Georgia awaits governor’s signature while some hope for veto

A bill regulating hemp products in Georgia, which mandates testing and restricts sales to those 21 and older, awaits Governor Brian Kemp’s decision. While proponents see it as a necessary step for consumer protection, critics argue it allows the sale of potentially harmful derivatives like Delta-8, without adequately safeguarding consumers.

Critics pan Georgia Power fossil fuel plans ahead of state PSC hearing

During a hearing, a Georgia Power representative urged the Public Service Commission to support a stipulated agreement that offers financial protection for ratepayers, despite criticisms that the company’s plans are unrealistic and could increase its carbon footprint. Critics argue that replacing the expanded use of fossil fuels with more renewable energy in the plan could prevent significant environmental impacts.